Logs Received

TNQP 2022 Logs Received


Email your log to: logs@tnqp.org  Note: this list is updated manually so don’t be alarmed when your call does not immediately appear upon submitting. The first round of logs received will not appear below before September 16. Thereafter, logs submitted should appear in the list below within 4-5 days. If not, please contact: w0agMike@gmail.com

Total TNQP entries processed: 0
as of Wed Jan 12 01:00:00 UTC 2022


4 Responses to Logs Received

  1. Look, Guys/Girls (OMs/YLs…) MNI, MNI TNX for the very COOL TN QSO Party 2015!!! Lots of activity & good ops!!! Special TNX to you Mobiles!!!

    Kevin WA4GQG

  2. Bob Kinner says:

    Just to let you know that the TN operators were the friendliest I’ve met on a QSO party!

  3. Rick Parsons says:

    Wow. This was my first time participating in the Tn QSO party and I learned a lot that I plan to apply to the next one. Great to see such a large turnout. Thanks to everyone involved in putting this thing together and to everyone that participated.
    Rick, K4EMH

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